Race for Hope

The Race for Hope
June 1 @ 9am slt- June 8 @ 3pm slt

This is a great multi-team event.  The Race will start at “home base”.  You will have a dual team kiosk set up with your team’s name over the top on a banner.  After you are given the first landmark for a sim in SL, you will race against the other teams to get to the sim and find the challenge.  The Landmark will come with one clue on where to find the challenge on that sim.

Once you have your challenge, come back to your home base kiosk and begin your the challenge.  There are 11 challenges, with a final 12th challenge to race back and cross the finish line.

The challenges along the way will add to your team kiosk as well as to the Inspired Dreamwalkers team.  Each challenge will be something to do to up your total OR will make you a bit more aware of Relay’s mission.

For every team that completes the 12 challenges you will add at least 15,000 lindens to your team’s total.  If you are one of the first three teams to complete all the challenges and cross the finish line you will win additional lindens for your team from our sponsors.

3rd place –  5,000 lindens
2nd place –  7,500 lindens
1st place –  10,000 lindens

That’s right!!! The winning team could add over 25,000 Lindens to their team total.

The team can work on this together, but must have 2 or more on their Race team. Each RFL team is only allowed one entry into the Race for Hope.

Click here to register.

Event sponsored by Fire Within and ~*Water Horse*~.

Happy racing and Go Relay!