Destination Hope Hunt

The Destination Hope Hunt is here!

You will need to go to the Inspired Dreamwalkers’ team headquarters here to pick up your hunt HUD. The HUD will help you navigate through the stops on the hunt- it is your passport on  this journey of hope!

Also, after you find each 10L hunt item touch the “passport hunt” post to receive a stamp on your passport. Once the hunt is complete and you have received all of your passport stamps you will receive a special exclusive hunt completion prize.

The hunt items have been donated by some of Second Life’s premiere designers and are valued much higher than the 10L hunt price. Please consider making a donation to the kiosk when you pick up your HUD- every linden counts and helps the American Cancer Society provide hope and support to those fighting cancer.

Mulloy RFL Exclusive – Unisex Gift

Miss Darcy – Female Gift

*Lurve* – Female Gift

Thistle Moon Designs – Female/Unisex Gift

*Bubblefish* Female RFL Exclusive – Female Gift

*Bubblefish* Male RFL Exclusive – Male Gift

Little Llama RFL Exclusive – Unisex Gift

ZoAwesome RFL Exclusive – Male & Female Gifts

Ardour RFL Exclusive – Unisex Gift

[ keke ] RFL Exclusive – Unisex Gift

The Crone – Female Gift

HD Designs – Unisex Gift

Invidah RFL Hunt Gift – Female Gift

The Oak Exclusive Necklace Fatpack – Female Gift

HolliPocket RFL Exclusive – Female Gift

Varonis RFL Exclusive – Female Gift

QueenB Poses – Unisex gift

RAZOR///  – Unisex Gift

Ardentmotley  RFL Exclusive- Unisex Gift
(No picture available)

FireWithin RFL Exclusive Gifts- Unisex Gift

Emerald Couture RFL Exclusive- Dress & Heels – Female Gift

The Relay Store- Unisex Gift

MonaLisa RFL Exclusive Gift – Female Gift

SlackGirl RFL Exclusive Makeup Fatpack – Female Gift

Shoe-Addiction RFL Gift- Female Gift

Dogg Mata RFL Gift Wonderland Chair Pack- Unisex Gift

LuLu RFL Gift- Female Gift

Carrie’s Lingerie RFL Exclusive- Female Gift

Gacha Sisters RFL Exclusive- Unisex Gift

Marquesse Pret a Porter RFL Exclusive- Female Gift

Heartsdale Jewelry RFL Exclusive Fatpack- Female Gift

Stray Dog RFL Exclusive Skin & Bento Shape – Male Gift

Earthworx RFL Exclusive – Unisex Gift

Kitty Creations RFL Gift – Unisex Gift

Feyline Fashions RFL Gift – Male & Female Gifts

Perch RFL Exclusive – Female Gift

Pin Up – Tattoo & Style RFL Gift – Female Gift
(flower tattoos, not the pink bows)

An Lema RFL Gift – Unisex Gift

Composer Girl Fashion RFL Full Outfit – Female Gift

SenseS RFL Gift – Unisex Gift

Hunt Completion Prize!
Complete the hunt and get all of your passport stamps and this prize will be sent to you automatically!
Mulloy Hope Set

Get started today!

Inspired Dreamwalkers RFL Team Headquarters- to get your hud: