Race for Hope- Thank You to our Supporters!

On behalf of the Inspired Dreamwalkers we would like to say thank you to everyone who helped us put together this event as well as all of the teams who took part in the Race for Hope. We worked the Mission by focusing on Healthy Living- Sun Safety, Healthy Eating, Exercise and Meditation/ Spiritual. Also, through the series of stops teams worked to provide one night’s stay at Hope Lodge for a cancer patient & their caregiver (value 25,000L/ $100 usd) and to provide gas for one trip to treatment for a cancer patient via the Road to Recovery progam (value 2520L/ $10 usd).

Please take time to visit these locations and businesses when you have a chance. By supporting the individuals and businesses who support our team efforts we can keep the momentum going to make Relay For Life of Second Life the premiere charity event in Second Life.

Prize sponsors:
~*Water Horse*~

The Race for Hope consisted of 14 stops across the grid. At each stop the teams had to find a hidden challenge to complete before moving to the next stop. Thank you to all of the sim owners of these locations who allowed us to use their land for this event.

1.Terra Egyptia and related sims
Owners- Kamille Demina & Paddington March
Terra Egyptia is a Sim that contains an ancient Egyptian city. With in the cities walls you will find temples, palaces, a harem and tradesmens homes and even houses for rent all highly decorated and finished.

Associated with and connected to this sim are three others. Immediately outside the city you will find the Nile valley sim which contains the small pyramid which can be explored inside using the secret passages. The rest is desert, and an oasis. Further to the east is the ‘Lower Nile Valley” sim which contains the Sphynx, a temple a rock quarry and a tomb.

The last Sim is called CARIBGYPTIA and it is on this that the great pyramid is being built. The base area of this pyramid is a full sim, when complete it will contain secret passages and maybe even some treasure but at the moment it is far from complete.

All four sims are open for exploration, nowhere is out of bounds.

2. High Garden & the Reach- Game of Thrones RP
Owner- Bandor Tyrell (Bandor Beningborough)

We are set at “around” the time of Aegon’s conquest. However, we are not playing book characters, so the names of individuals are not the same as those in the Canon for things like lords of Houses, which House rules, etc.

This means that in our time, there are 7 Kingdoms with their own Kings and Queens, more or less..

House Gardener is extinct, for all we know, save perhaps for a few hidden Gardeners. For the backstory of How the Gardeners met their fate, read this: “Merek”

The Reach is ruled by House Tyrell, with King Bandor and Queen Daniella on the throne in Highgarden.
*More complete information available inworld.

3. & 6. Skybeam Estates- Land Office
Estate manager- Nevar Lobo
Sponsored 2 of the stops, THANK YOU!

4. Oasis Zoo
Owner- ZooKeeper Missy (missmissyd1992)

5. Hawaii Island
Owner- Άλφα (alpha.steamer)

6. Pacifique (challenge was hidden in the underwater area)
Owner- Eclair Martinek

7. Dance Gardens- Japanese Water Garden
Owner/ Designer- Amethyst Starostin

Welcome to the Japanese Water Garden. The Garden was created for relaxation and a place to calm the mind and spirit. You will find no bridges in or out of the gardens. The water serves to cleanse and refresh as you enter and leave the garden. It is approximately mid calf deep. You will find several places to sit, a swing and a traditional Japanese bath house (access to the animations inside will be disabled due to privacy and traffic concerns). Make sure your sounds are on to enjoy the wind chimes and other sounds.

The Dance Gardens began as a place for dancers to come, design and work in a quiet and peaceful place to inspire their craft.

We now host the Phoenix Dance Team and their performance theater of eclectic dance, the Main Event show lounge featuring traditional strip tease burlesque from the early to mid 1900’s and the Mynx Ballet Theater teaching and performing traditional and modern ballet.

The Fire Within main store is located here and there is also space for weddings, parties and events.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.

8. Flex Gym & Tour Service
Owner- Badb Catha (mablesims)

9. Kings Landing & the Crownlands- Game of Thrones RP
Owner- Rhaenys Targaryen (ash3rah resident)

Welcome to King’s Landing and Game of Thrones Roleplay.

We’ve been operating Game of Thrones sims for about six years now in Second Life and in InWorldz. We took about a year off from Second Life, but have returned to bring the kind of high quality sims and roleplay experiences we are known for.

But, we’ve also matured and changed over time.

Gone are the days of mandatory training, required certifications to gain levels… heck, we’ve gotten rid of levels.

We’ve created our own custom meter and RP hud, just for Game of Thrones, called Feudalism RPG. We no longer use Spellfire or Unity. Free weapons and items are available for our members with more new things being added all the time. You can find the Feudalism RPG Player Starter Kit at the sim Landing Point along with the free weapons.

We want this roleplay to be free and open to everyone. As such, we welcome anybody from any existing GOT sim or people new to GOT. We’ll work with people to make this the best experience possible and very flexible.

**For more complete intro on how to get started available at the landing point.

10. Mountain Lion Amusement Park & Club
Owners- Lady Mei メイ Stone (maystone), Krystal Rose Morant (krystal333) & Shadow Mountain (aelash)

11. Game of Thrones RP – Dorne
Owner- Sybelle Martell (Miamiuu2 Resident)

Welcome to Game of Thrones -Dorne – Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken.

We have are part of a 3 sim role-playing group. Besides Dorne, we have Highgarden and King´s Landing.

We’ve been operating Game of Thrones sims for about six years now in Second Life and in InWorldz. We bring high quality sims and roleplay experiences we are known for..

Gone are the days of mandatory training, required certifications to gain levels… heck, we’ve gotten rid of levels.
** More complete information on getting started available inworld.

12. Starlight Paradise Resorts – Tuscany location
Owner- Juliet Moonshadow

13. American Cancer Society- Catt Gable Memorial Garden
Challenge was hidden at the Dr. Gordy Klatt memorial.

One last thank you to Lioness Kitty (taraa.destiny) and Destiny Estates & Club for hosting our Home Base location.



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