The Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay Campsite: Our Stories of Love


2016 is the Inspired Dreamwalkers’ 6th year participating in SL’s Relay for Life campaign. We’re so excited to welcome you into the fold.

Cancer is an insidious disease that tears through patients, as well as their families and friends. However, it does not always have to end in tears. Today, we bring strength and support to those fighting this battle, and celebrate with those who have emerged victorious.

Join us!

What will you find on your visit to our building?

✰ The Ground Floor ✰ features information about different types of cancer. Here, you will read about prevention and detection, as well as receive information on resources outside of SL.

✰ The Second Floor ✰ A trip up one floor in the elevator to the back of the room will bring you to a project built from the very hearts of our team’s family and friends. This is our story room. Clicking on an easel will provide you with a notecard and url to hear audio recordings of members of our team and their friends stories about cancer and its impact on their lives.

✰ The Third Floor ✰ Welcome to the roof top. As you enjoy the view across the campsites today, please feel free to add your own voice to the stories. Click on a cork board and follow the prompt to type your story into local chat.  Remember, we are never alone in this struggle.

After you’ve taken the time to visit us inside, don’t forget to stop in the gift shop and chapel for art work, gifts, and more.

✰ Gift Shop ✰ Here you will find a number of art pieces, clothing, decor and gift cards. All items are 100% donations to Relay for Life.

✰ The Chapel ✰ Here you will find wedding and celebration related decor as well as our unique Minister Pierce, fully prepared to marry you in an elopement for a 1000L donation to Relay for Life. You will also find a raffle for a wedding package worth 11,500L and a free “Why I Relay” photo frame gift.

✰ The Hunt ✰ There are 5 hunt items scattered around on all floors of the main building and inside both gift shops.

✰ ✰ WHY DO I RELAY? ✰ ✰

For more chances to say, “I love you.”

Inspired Dreamwalkers RFL Team 2016 Campsite SLurl:


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Taking things one day at a time. Always hoping for the best while trying to be prepared for the worst. There's no time for boredom when there is so much to explore and experience in both worlds. Making a difference by supporting causes dear to my heart. I love music and love to dance and I get to combine the two by DJing in Second Life. Also, a very rusty blogger who is trying to get back into her groove.
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