Awesome Turnout at the 1st Jail & Bail of 2016!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the team at our first Jail & Bail event this past Saturday hosted by MAMAROOS!

We went up two fundraising levels during the event!!!!

Remember, get those kiosks and vendors set up! And don’t forget to sign up for convio- it’s quick & easy and a fabulous way to build the team total! If you need help with any of the tools or setting up convio, please contact Juliet Moonshadow, JT Marchant, or Sandie Loxingly.

Our next team event is coming up on Thursday, March 17! Hope to see you all there!


About sandieloxingly

Taking things one day at a time. Always hoping for the best while trying to be prepared for the worst. There's no time for boredom when there is so much to explore and experience in both worlds. Making a difference by supporting causes dear to my heart. I love music and love to dance and I get to combine the two by DJing in Second Life. Also, a very rusty blogger who is trying to get back into her groove.
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